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Join the sonnenCommunity with over 60,000 happy customers globally! Whether you have solar panels or are planning on buying them, the sonnenBatterie will seamlessly integrate into your home. Never be left in the dark with our back-up solution, the sonnenProtect. 

What's new?

sonnenBatterie 10!

sonnenBatterie 10 is finally here! With more power and capacity you can support greater energy loads at home. As homes add more electrical appliances, sonnenBatterie 10 can expand from 11 kWh to 22 kWh or even up to 198 kWh, your future energy demand is secure with sonnen!

Leading full 10 year warranty
Cobalt free battery
Increase self-consumption

Industry leading warranty

Peace of mind for 10 years

Clean battery technology

Clean and safe batteries for your home

Increase self-consumption

Increase your self-consumption up to 80%

sonnenBatterie 10

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Read our collection of stories from happy customers spread across the UK and Ireland!

Improve your solar panel system

You're already part of a sustainable future with your solar panels! Integrate a sonnenBatterie into your home system to increase your self-consumption to around 80% all while continuing to receive your Feed in Tariff (FiT) payments.

Refer your friends!

You've lowered your carbon footprint at home! Let's go beyond the 4 walls at your home and grow a greener community around you by referring your friends and earning a £100 Love2Shop gift card now!


EUPD 2020 Storage Brand of the Year Winner
Innovator of the year 2019
Battery comparison award
January 2020

EuPD Research Top Storage Brand Award 2020

The market research company EuPD Research has awarded sonnen as one of the top PV storage brands in 2020! The award is based on installer surveys in the categories, Brand Awareness, Customer Choice, and Distribution.

February 2019

brand eins "Innovator of the Year" 2019

The business magazine, brand eins, and Statista rank sonnen among the most innovative energy companies in Germany. sonnen was the only participant within their sub-group that received the highest evaluation score in the "Energy & Environment" category.

November 2018

HTW-Berlin battery storage comparison 2018

In the battery storage comparison carried out according to the criteria of the efficiency guideline, the sonnenBatterie has an above average efficiency value. The independent comparison was carried out by a research group of the HTW-Berlin.