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sonnenProtect 4000
Energy storage

sonnenProtect 4000

The perfect backup solution for the sonnenBatterie 10.

  • Discharge 4 kW
  • Switchover time 5 sec.
  • Protection IP 65
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Keep your lights on with our backup solution.

sonnenProtect 4000 ensures that power outages are a thing of the past when installing a sonnenBatterie 10. Together, they detect potential power outages in the grid and once detected, they secure your home and switch to island mode to keep your solar panels and battery running.

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Advtanges at a glance.

Keep your home energy system on.

Our backup box will automatically detect and protect your entire energy system from the grid by switching to island mode where you can keep your solar panels and battery on.

Switchover time of 5 seconds.

The backup box will switch over in about 5 seconds securing yourself from the grid until the grid is back up and running again.

Overload-power of 4.6 kW.

For a maximum of 30 minutes, you can overload your discharge rate up to 4.6 kW for any heavy loads your home may require.

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sonnenBatterie 10 – Energy storage

The all-round talent for intelligent energy storage systems.

The sonnenBatterie does not only store energy, its smart. As an intelligent, backup capable, energy storage system, sonnenBatterie 10 ensures your home uses as much self-generated energy as possible before going to the grid for more energy. Gain your energy independence now and secure yourself against the constant increase of electricity prices.


As a sonnen customer you are part of the sonnenCommunity and together we share one vision: clean and affordable energy for everyone.

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