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The Jenkins family

The Jenkins family share their story

We are Edie and Sam Jenkins and we would love to tell you about how our sonnen system has changed us as a family. Prior to having the system installed, mummy and daddy were finding life very stressful as electricity was becoming very expensive. Then one day Daddy came home and said why don’t we start generating our own electricity. Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels were fitted to our roof and a sonnenBatterie and inverter installed in our garage.

Jenkins Family

From the very first day we started making our own electricity, with any excess being stored in the sonnenBatterie to be used throughout the night. Money started to go into our bank account instead of to the utility company and this made Mummy and Daddy very happy.

I then began to learn about carbon emissions at school and how the world is becoming hotter and the polar bears will soon be extinct. This made me very sad.

I was still sad, so my Dad purchased an electric car and now we have lots of money for toys and holidays, but more importantly we are helping the world. If more people made the changes we have to our home then the world would get better and the polar bears will still have a home.

Daddy always looks at his phone when he comes home from work every day and he shows us the sonnen app and how much electricity we have made. Now I feel happy and I tell everyone in school that their Mummy and Daddy can also make a difference if they want to.

If you want to share your story send an Email to info@sonnenbatterie.co.uk!