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Energy independence for every home.

Your full clean energy solution all from one source

Why sonnenHome?

Along with our trusted local partners, we can create a full, tailored clean energy solution offer just for your home. From solar panels to solar batteries, get your energy solutions all from one place.


Lower your monthly bills

Each sonnenHome product is designed to lower your energy costs, and when combined you’ll reach prime performance. 

KNX module in a smart home

Clean energy future

The energy revolution starts at home, and with the full power of sonnenHome you're all set for a clean energy future. 

Smart Home Kitchen

Seamless integration

All sonnenHome solutions interconnect intelligently to optimize your energy use, without any additional effort! 

sonnenBatterie 10
Energy storage

sonnenBatterie 10

The all-round talent for intelligent solar battery storage systems.

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sonnenProtect 4000
Energy storage

sonnenProtect 4000

The perfect backup solution for the sonnenBatterie 10.

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white sonnenBatterie 9.53 on a concrete wall
Energy storage

sonnenBatterie hybrid 9.53

The solar battery for new solar panel installs.

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white sonnenProtect 2500 on a concrete wall
Backup Solution

sonnenProtect 2500

The perfect backup solution for sonnenBatterie hybrid.

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Produce energy

Store energy

Power your home

Solar panels in an open field absorbing sunlight
Step 1: Produce energy

Experience the benefits of solar panels

A solar panel system is the first step in your home’s clean energy transition. Collecting your clean energy with a customised solar panel set-up will help cut electricity costs and increase your energy independence.  

But, did you know using a solar panel set up with a sonnen battery ensures maximum efficiency? Continue to the next step to discover more. 

sonnenBatterie 10
Step 2: Store energy

Introducing home storage solutions

Don’t waste your clean, self-generated energy. A solar battery allows you the freedom to store the energy from your roof when the sun is shining and access it in the evening when you need it most. Don´t pay for energy if you can generate, store and then use it 24/7.  

And, a sonnenBatterie can do so much more than that. 

Family in front of the wooden house
Step 3: Power your home

Enjoy your energy independence

Becoming part of the sonnenCommunity by generating and storing green, clean energy improves your energy independence and helps you to be less reliant on volatile energy prices. Make the most of your clean energy, while lowering your electricity bills. 

Why do you need more than just a solar panel system?

Every solution in the sonnenHome family is designed to perform together in synergy. From solar battery storage solutions to backup options, each product has its own brilliance and improves independence while cutting energy costs. When combined you access the full power of sonnenHome. 

When all your clean energy products come from one provider, you can be sure that they’re perfectly synchronized and work seamlessly together. With sonnen you can effortlessly monitor your output and performance in the sonnen App, as well as quickly adjusting your requirements whenever you need. 

House with solar panels

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Take control and manage how you would like to use your clean energy to empower your life at home.

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