What is the sonnenCommunity?

The sonnenCommunity is a newer, cleaner, and more sustainable energy community that is growing every day. We are all connected by one common goal, clean and affordable energy for everyone. You are the sonnenCommunity.

Energy generated by the community can be stored and managed locally to provide far-reaching benefits: from increasing your self-consumption to Virtual Power Plants. The sonnenCommunity connects people to create a decentralised digital network that changes the way members around the world use energy.


Why join the sonnenCommunity

You are the solution

Every member in the sonnenCommunity makes it more powerful. With your sonnenBatterie you are part of the bigger picture. Not only do you strengthen the community, but you benefit from it daily by maximising your solar panels’ potential.

Your energy independence

Energy independence is vital to our future. Independence from traditional power suppliers gives us the power to control the energy transition and how it is distributed, generated, and used at home. We are independent together.

Our common goal

We are connected through the sun and a common goal, clean and affordable energy for everyone. Join the sonnenCommunity  to be part of the future: a new energy system that is made up of individuals contributing to a greener and cleaner future.