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sonnen | 11 July 2019

sonnen’s virtual battery takes part in DA/RE digital platform provided by TransnetBW and Netze BW

In Baden-Württemberg, sonnenBatteries will be taking an active part with immediate effect in a pilot project for congestion management. Because just like a traffic jam on the motorway, time and time again the electricity grid experiences blockages at points where it is over-burdened. These bottlenecks can be compensated for by means of targeted charging or discharging of the system. The virtual battery provided by sonnen makes an innovative contribution to ensuring the security of supply by means of renewable forms of energy.

Wildpoldsried, 11th July 2019 - As part of the new DA/RE digital platform, sonnen’s virtual battery will help to shape the future of congestion management. In this, use is made of previously-untapped redispatch potential in Baden-Württemberg’s distribution networks. By means of intelligent control, the sonnenBatteries in the region can be charged or discharged, depending on demand, in order to selectively remove power from congested network nodes, for example. The closer a storage system is when it intervenes into a bottleneck, the greater the benefit in terms of assisting the electricity grid.

The initiators of the pilot project, which was launched in April 2019, are the transmission system operator, TransnetBW, and the distribution system operator, Netze BW, with the support of Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of the Environment. Along with sonnen, various network and system operators are also involved in the project. sonnen is the only participant with a virtual power plant consisting exclusively of decentralised home storage systems.

DA/RE stands for Data Exchange in Redispatch and it is a pioneering development project in the field of grid security. The aim is to use the potential for flexibility inherent in decentralised systems to stabilise the entire electricity system.

“The great strength of sonnen’s virtual battery lies in the available flexibility that is distributed over the whole state. The networked sonnenBatteries are able to use their storage capacity to provide the grid with an effective buffer within a matter of seconds; right where the bottleneck actually exists," says Jean-Baptiste Cornefert, Managing Director of sonnen eServices. “Furthermore, no investment in infrastructure is required, as the sonnenBatteries are already installed in the region’s households. By using storage systems, renewable energy can be better integrated into our energy system."

Redispatch is one possible means of providing flexibility, which sonnen is in a position to offer with its virtual battery. In doing so, the sonnenBatteries are selectively charged or discharged as required to provide the necessary compensation. By means of this so-called congestion management, sonnen can ensure that no "jams” arise in the transmission and distribution networks. With the provision of primary control power, sonnen has been active in the control power market since the beginning of the year.

The sonnenBatteries installed across the state are digitally networked by sonnen to create one large virtual battery. With this storage capacity, the sonnenCommunity is able to offer the network operators a buffer, which provides the electricity grid with greater leeway and flexibility. This gives rise to a thus far unique win-win situation on the energy market for our energy system and for private households, which can make us sonnenFlat to avail themselves of free electricity.