Protect yourself from power cuts

The sonnenProtect 2500 is perfect for any sonnenBatterie hybrid system. If you have experienced any power cuts in the past, leave them there with the sonnenProtect!

The sonnenProtect ensures your lights, television and any other devices stay on. Never walk around your house in the dark again!

To buy the sonnenProtect 2500 simply click the button below and complete the form to protect yourself against future power cuts!

How the sonnenProtect works

When a grid failure is detected the sonnenProtect takes a moment to switch over to island mode. Island mode is designed to keep your sonnenBatterie and solar panels running without a problem. In island mode you will be momentarily disconnected from the grid until it is up and running again. Best of all, you won't notice a thing, the sonnenProtect is there to manage everything for you, just like switching your lights on.

Key benefits of adding the sonnenProtect


Protect yourself from power cuts

Keep your lights on

Keep your lights on during power cuts

Full 10 Year Warranty

Leading 10 year warranty

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