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An exclusive solar and home energy storage offer

The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent energy storage system which helps you reduce your monthly electricity bills! Combined with new or current solar panels you can increase your self-consumption up to 80% for a greener and cleaner life at home.

By joining forces with Shell Energy, we want to offer you a bespoke energy tariff designed for sonnenBatterie and solar panel owners only. With Shell Energy Solar Storage Tariff you could earn up to £150 solar credits in the summer by feeding excess electricity from your solar panels back into the grid. In turn, the solar credits will reduce your electricity bills in the winter, when you’re still getting 100% renewable electricity from Shell Energy as standard.*

*Tariff T&C apply.

Why the sonnenBatterie is right for your home

Full 10 Year Warranty
Save and Earn Money
Increase self-consumption

Leading Warranty

Enjoy our full 10 year / 10,000 cycle warranty

Monthly electricity savings

Reduce your monthly electricity bills

Increase self-consumption

Increase your self consumption up to 80%

Which sonnenBatterie is right for your home

The sonnenBatterie eco

For existing solar panels

Invest in a greener and more sustainable future with the sonnenBatterie hybrid. The hybrid battery is the perfect partner for new solar panels, together they increase your self-consumption and its safety standards will allow for peace of mind when using your green energy.

sonnenBatterie eco energy distribution
sonnenBatterie hybrid energy distribution

The sonnenBatterie hybrid

For new solar panels

Installing a sonnenBatterie eco will allow you to harness much more of your self-generated energy! The simple installation process allows for a seamless integration with your inverter and solar panels, while the modular design will meet your energy needs today and tomorrow.

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