Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park

The sonnen UK Head Office is located in Loughborough, United Kingdom. The central location allows for better road, rail and air network access across the UK, improving our offerings to all UK customers. It lies on the western boundary of Loughborough, one mile from the town centre. Nottingham, Leicester and Derby are all easily accessible within 30 minutes by road or 20 minutes by rail.

Our office, which is part of the world class Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park, has a training suite where we host partners and train them on our product, technology and of course the installation, on top of being a bright and airy office space that is now home to the growing UK team. The market is growing and customers are desiring greater independence and our UK team in the new office is responsible to ensure that the demand is met, today and tomorrow.

sonnen UK head office postcode

Our Address

sonnen GmbH
Charnwood Building
Holywell Park
Loughborough University
LE11 3AQ