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Intelligent, long-lasting and economical – the sonnenBatterie

The sonnenBatterie is a high-tech storage system that has proven itself in thousands of households – every day. The combination of a PV system and a sonnenBatterie will allow you to cover about 75% of your yearly energy requirement with self-produced and clean energy. Since your energy is being generated on your roof and not by some anonymous energy provider you are more independent than before. So take your energy future into your own hands and reduce your energy costs to a minimum. The decision for a sonnenBatterie is also a decision for the highest standards in safety and quality that "Made in Germany" stands for.

How the sonnenBatterie gets you through the day

Clean energy during the daytime, in the evening and at night.

curve illustrating usage of stored energy(blue), usage of PV energy(green), PV prodution(yellow)

Morning: minimal energy production, high energy need.

At sunrise the solar panels start to produce energy, though not enough to cover the morning energy need. The sonnenBatterie will bridge the gap with the stored energy from the day before.

Midday: highest energy production, low energy need.

In the daytime the solar panels‘ energy generation is at its peak. But since nobody is home the energy consumption is very low so that most of the generated energy is stored in the sonnenBatterie.

Evening: low energy production, high energy need.

The highest daily energy consumption is in the evening when the solar  panels produce little or no energy. The sonnenBatterie will cover the  energy need with the energy pro-duced in the daytime.

Technology from the market leader for intelligent energy storage

The sonnenBatterie comes with the experience of 40,000 installed systems - build into each unit, the newest technology for highest independence and maximum longevity. All in a compact case that offers highest flexibility thanks to its modular design.

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34.6 in x 23.4 in x 9.1 in 
5 - 15 kWh: 
73.2 in x 23.4 in x 9.1 in 
(height x width x depth)

2.5 kW – 3.3 kW.

System intelligence
Automatic increase of household consumption, predictive charging.

10 years

Storage size
5 kWh – 15 kWh 
(expandable in steps of 2.5 kWh).

10,000 charge cycles.

System scope
Complete storage system, ready to connect.

Which sonnenBatterie is right for me?

There are two solutions for homeowners:  the sonnenBatterie eco and the sonnenBatterie hybrid.  If even more energy is needed, for example in commercial buildings, the larger sonnenBatterie pro is the right solution.Find out which model suits you best!

sonnenBatterie eco
sonnenBatterie hybrid
sonnenBatterie pro

Flexibility at its best – the sonnenBatterie eco

The sonnenBatterie eco is the perfect solution for those wanting the greatest possible flexibility. Since it is not bound to any particular photovoltaic system size, its modular design makes it the right companion for you. It can also be easily connected to other power sources and is compatible with a mini wind turbine, a unit or a fuel cell. The  sonnenBatterie eco is also ideally suited for those who  already have a photovoltaic system. It can be easily connected to existing installed systems enabling them to enjoy their solar power day or night.


  • Completely flexible, not bound to any PV system size
  • Intelligent integration, compatible with other electricity sources
  • Ideal for new and existing solar panels
  • Easy connection to existing technology
  • Emergency power capability with the sonnenBackup-Box
  • Smart-home-ready with intelligent accessories
  • AC inverter

Cost-efficient – the sonnenBatterie hybrid

The sonnenBatterie hybrid provides maximum costefficiency as the system also includes the inverter for your photovoltaic system. This eliminates the need for an external device to convert direct current (DC) from the roof into alternating current (AC) for your house. This significantly reduces the total cost of a photovoltaic system and sonnenBatterie. The system also becomes more compact and efficient. Due to its very high efficiency, we ensure that solar power reaches your household with virtually no losses.


  • Significantly reduced system cost
  • Integrated PV inverter
  • No need for an external inverter
  • High efficiency
  • Optimal self-consumption of your own solar energy
  • Emergency power capability with the sonnenBackup-Box
  • Smart-home-ready with intelligent accessories
  • DC inverter

Always ready for use – the sonnenBatterie pro

The sonnenBatterie pro is the new standard for responsible energy consumption in commercial operations. It offers maximum self-sufficiency, capacity and performance. Since companies require more energy than a typical single-family home, three sonnenBatteries can be combined to form a larger capacity storage solution. Due to this higher performance and increased capacity, the sonnenBatterie pro operates with larger photovoltaic systems and is therefore suitable for commercial buildings with large solar arrays. Thanks to the integrated energy manager with weather  forecasting and estimated charging behaviour, your company can achieve efficient and transparent supply of clean power at all times.


  • sonnenBatterie solution for larger commercial applications
  • Emergency power capability with the sonnenBackup-Box
  • Three cascaded eco systems to provide a bulk storage solution
  • Higher capacity and performance
  • Greater system intelligence with smart accessories
  • AC inverter
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All included: high-end components perfectly tuned to your needs

The sonnenBatterie is a complete system - ready for connection. This means that inside of every sonnenBatterie you'll find not only the extremely durable battery modules but also an inverter, an intelligent energy manager, measurement technology and the software to operate it all smoothly. All in one handy box. In contrast to most other battery systems in the market, the sonnenBatterie components are build into a single high-quality casing and perfectly attuned to each other - thereby ensuring a very high longevity and maximum quality on a minimum of space.


Batteries are the basis of all energy storage systems

Over time they will be charged and discharged many thousands of times. For that reason the sonnenBatterie is based on the most reliable and sustainable battery technology available and exclusively uses lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). These batteries offer a much higher longevity and safety than most other lithium-ion batteries that are commonly used in smartphones, laptops or electric cars. Did you know: lithium iron phosphate is the only battery component that occurs naturally and does not contain any toxic heavy metals.

More than the sum of the parts: independence for your business Paragraph Heading

Should you ever require more power - for example when you are running a business - multiple sonnenBatteries can be set up as a cascading cluster. Thereby increasing the capacity and power of the sonnenBatterie up to a maximum of 45 kWh. More than enough to satisfy the energy needs of your business.

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Would you like to join us as a sonnenBatterie partner?

The sonnenBatterie is distributed regionally in sonnenBatterie centres that are represented by specialized dealers. The operator of a sonnenBatterie centre is typically a well established, medium-size, specialized dealer, who is locally very respected for his competence, quality and service.

map of western europe with sonnenBatterie centres