sonnen is the biggest producer of intelligent batteries and the most innovative energy service provider in the world. In addition to the headquarters in Wildpoldsried, sonnen is represented on a global scale. In Europe we are located in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, and globally, we are represented in the United States and Australia.

sonnen offices in Germany

Wildpoldsried office


The headquarters are located in Wildpoldsried, known as the energy village. With 200 employees, it is the biggest sonnen office and in addition to the production of the sonnenBatterie for Europe and Australia, the Research and Development team is here. The management, finance, IT and sales teams are also located here.


The Berlin location has around 90 employees, making it the next biggest location in Germany. The two biggest departments are the Customer Relations and the Inside Sales Team. Their responsibility is to nurture partners, care for customers and to manage online purchases. Additionally, they assist with technical support when customers call have questions about sonnen products.

The Berlin office

sonnen office in the United States

Atlanta Skyline


Our US office is located in Atlanta, Georgia, the southeast of the United States. Sonnen’s InnovationHub and production facility for the US sonnenBatterie takes place in Atlanta. The InnovationHub focuses its attention on the development of long-term and high-quality products for the future. There are 40 employees in Atlanta, and the Research & Development team for the US is located here.

sonnen office in Italy


Towards the end of 2016 we opened our Italian office, which also happens to be the second biggest market for sonnen in Europe. Even our sonnenCommunity is already in Italy. The team in Italy manages the marketing, sales, public relations and the service for customers and its partners in the Italian market.

Italian office

sonnen offices in Australia

Location Sydney


One of our two Australian locations is Sydney. The long days and high energy costs makes Australia a perfect market for our sonnenBatteries. Therefore, we have had an office here since 2016 that manages the sales, marketing, public relations and service for partners in Australia and New Zealand.


In September 2018 we opened our second office in Australia. We produce sonnenBatteries for the growing Australian and Asian Pacific market at the factory in Adelaide.

Location Adelaide