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What is the sonnenBatterie eco?

The sonnenBatterie eco is perfect for existing solar panels. The simple installation process gives you a seamless integration to start maximising your homes energy consumption.

Why the sonnenBatterie eco?

You can start maximising your energy system up to 50% more than its currently working for you! The battery lets you store any excess solar generation for later when the sun isn't shining.

How do I buy a sonnenBatterie eco?

In four simple steps! Complete the form below, complete your smart home survey, receive free advice and a quote, and finally install your new sonnenBatterie!

Save and Earn Money

Monthly savings

Reduce your monthly electricity bills

Increase self-consumption

Modular system

Expandable system to meet future energy demands

Leading full 10 year warranty

Leading warranty

Full 10-year / 10,000 cycle warranty

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