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What is a sonnenBatterie hybrid?

Our sonnenBatterie hybrid is the perfect battery for anyone thinking of buying solar panels, as the hybrid comes with an inverter! You can start maximising the potential of your green investment right from day 1 of installation. 

Why combine solar and battery?

The combination of solar and sonnenBatterie allows you to maximise your self-consumption up to 80%! Helping you save more on electricity bills than solar panels alone.

How do I buy a sonnenBatterie?

In 4 simple steps you can buy a sonnenBatterie. Fill out the form below, complete the smart home survey sent to your phone, receive free advice and a quote from a local Platinum Partner, install your battery!

Secure yourself against power cuts with a sonnenProtect 2500

Never worry about power cuts again, with the sonnenProtect the power is in your hands. The sonnenProtect automatically switches to Island Mode, keeping your solar panels and sonnenBatterie up and running so that you'll never be in the dark again.

Increase self-consumption

Modular system

Meet future energy demands by expanding your system

Save and Earn Money

Monthly savings

Reduce your monthly electricity bills

Leading full 10 year warranty

Leading warranty

Enjoy a full 10-year / 10,000 cycle warranty


Protect yourself against power cuts

Keep your lights on during grid failures

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