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sonnen stores and trades regional green energy among connected households, alleviating bottlenecks in the power grid and offering digital proof of energy transactions via blockchain

sonnen makes use of excess green energy, which would otherwise be lost as a result of the curtailment of PV or wind power plants, making it possible to relieve common bottlenecks on the regional distribution networks. Each kilowatt-hour used for this will receive a digital fingerprint via blockchain.

Wildpoldsried, 3rd May 2018 - With the "Flex Platform", in Germany, sonnen is presenting a completely new approach, by which excess green energy can be utilized by a network of sonnenBatterie systems.

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sonnen builds first sonnen city in the USA

A new city is being built in the US state of Arizona, where 3,000 homes will produce, store, and share their own power. In doing so, the German company has undertaken what is currently the biggest residential power storage project in the USA.

Wildpoldsried, 13 October 2017 – sonnen is installing its sonnenBatterie energy storage solution in 3,000 new homes in the US state of Arizona. This is part of the new concept by home builder and urban planner Mandalay Homes, which is building a new community in Prescott Valley in the US state of Arizona.

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sonnen listed as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies in the Financial Times

sonnen listed as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies in the Financial Times

Wildpoldsried, 12 April 2017 – sonnen has been recognised by the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. The list presents the 1,000 companies with the highest growth percentage from 2012 – 2015. The statistics portal Statista identified tens of thousands of companies in Europe as potential candidates for the ranking. With a cumulative growth of 567%, sonnen ranked number 218 among all participating European companies.

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sonnen awarded the very first “Top Brand PV Storage Europe” seal by EuPD Research

An independent survey carried out by EuPD Research shows that sonnen enjoys a high level of satisfaction and brand recognition among European installers. As a result, sonnen has become the first battery manufacturer on the European market to receive the label of “Top Brand PV Storage”.

Wildpoldsried, 8 March 2017 – sonnen is one of the top brands when it comes to energy storage systems, as demonstrated in a study by Bonn-based marketing and business research company EuPD Research. The annual survey of installers shows that installers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK, rely on sonnen products to a particularly high degree. This is reflected by sonnens exceptional ratings in terms of satisfaction, likelihood to recommend to others and market penetration. Due to this impressive market position the German manufacturer received the seal of “Top Brand PV Storage” in Europe. This is the first time a storage system manufacturer has been awarded this title.

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sonnen gives energy independence to apartment owners and renters and guarantees free electricity for 10 years

Even customers without their own photovoltaic system can take advantage of the benefits of a sonnenBatterie and the free electricity tariff sonnenFlat city that will be introduced in Germany. Apartment owners and renters can now enjoy free electricity for 10 years and gain independence from their energy provider, eliminating the uncertainty of future energy cost increases.

Wildpoldsried, 26 January 2017 – Until now, it was only possible for home owners to use a home energy storage unit that was connected to their own photovoltaic system or another off-grid energy source. However, members of the sonnenCommunity in Germany can now obtain, store and use free electricity from the community without needing to generate their own power.

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sonnen earns two prestigious awards for continued excellence in clean technology global leadership

For the third year in a row, sonnen has been included in the Global Cleantech 100 list as a leading innovator in the cleantech industry. This year, sonnen also earned the "Continued Excellence Award" for being the most innovative company included on the list for three consecutive years.

Wildpoldsried, January 23, 2017 – The sonnen Group, the world's largest producer of energy storage, was selected for the 2016 Global Cleantech 100 list. The list is compiled annually by the Cleantech Group and selected from more than 9,900 companies representing 77 countries. The Global Cleantech 100 list identifies the most innovative and promising companies in the renewable energy industry.

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